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Selecting a distillery that would solidify the importance of authenticity and consistency, within an ever-evolving market, was a meticulous process

La Marielita Rum

Enfolded by freshwater rivers and a lush tropical climate, our rum is distilled in Las Cabras de Pesé, Panamá. It is proofed down by using filtered, local freshwater, and skillfully formulated by world-renowned Cuban Maestro Ronero, Francisco José “Don Pancho” Fernández Pérez.

Before immigrating to Panamá, Don Pancho grew up surrounded by sugarcane fields in Cuba, learning from his father, and later earning a degree in microbiology. He is known worldwide as The Godfather of Rum, with experience in the spirits industry spanning over sixty years.

Las Cabras de Pesé, Panama

The painstakingly detailed process of fermenting, distilling, and, ultimately, aging rum, is often years in the making. Our rum matures in Bourbon curated American White Oak Casks, enveloped within Panama’s tropical setting, which is known for its rich environmental elements. Aged 18 years, 18 being the youngest year in our ultra premium masterfully hand-crafted blend, there are no additives or artificial flavorings in our rum; what you see and smell is as pure as our intentions to provide you with a genuinely delicious tasting experience. This is the rum nerds’ rum!

A full-bodied spirit, La Marielita Rum encompasses and emphasizes robust elements, uniting components of boldness and velvetiness,  which exemplify flavors and aromas characteristic of our founder’s roots.

“Our clientele will experience a delicately crafted spirit where the richness of my homeland, and the strength and confidence of its people, will be savored with every sip.”

Logo & Label Design

LABEL Revised

Logo and label design were created by local Panamanian graphic artist, José David Hernández Castro, of Pro Logos Panamá, located in Chitré; the same serene area where our distillery is also located. For more information visit: prologospanama.com.


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